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Meet all your sales, marketing, and B2B/B2C business prospects with the Codefam Consumers Database.






I have solicited their support for three separate projects, and each time they surpass the lofty standards they previously established.

Johnathan Kewley


Here’s why our Codefam Consumers Database is better! 



⦿Are you ready to take the next step for your business? Are you at this stage of your business where you can take it online? Or do you market or deal with products and services to the companies that require web development? If you fit in any of the above categories then we have got you!


⦿Daddyleads provides an accurate and comprehensive list of companies, businesses, firms, as well as individuals that use the Codefam platform for web development. This database provides highly deliverable leads with higher conversion rates and actionable customers.


⦿Daddyleads Codefam consumers list ensures the growth of marketers, programmatic buyers, developers, web designers, resellers, service providers, and many more. This database also helps to target a prerequisite audience which results in higher revenue generation, staggering growth, and increased ROIs/ROMIs.


⦿Why should you get the Codefam consumers database for your outreach prospecting?


◘These datasets help to sell, upsell, and cross-sell your products and services. It also helps to run competitive analysis.

◘We have retained this database of Codefam consumers across the globe through online/offline sources and direct responses.

◘The data particulars are regularly monitored and pinged to remove opted-out details.

◘We also verify the email addresses and contact numbers timely, to establish precise connectivity with the target audience.

◘These datasets provide brand promotion and market visibility which helps SMBs to connect to large enterprises and companies.

◘We keep track of the Codefam consumers database consumers’ insights across the globe and verticals to retain only the most relevant information of the customer.

◘This database provides direct contact numbers of key decision-makers, C-level executives of companies using Codefam with whom you can get in touch within minutes and seal the required deals. 

◘This database has campaign-specific data which helps to launch your respective advertising, sales, and marketing campaigns.

◘Daddyleads Codefam consumers database provides proper Ad inventories for your products or services. 

◘Daddyleads Codefam consumers database helps in the analytics by providing fields like first & last detected, First & last Indexed. These analytics helps in measuring, managing, and analyzing marketing performance to maximize its effectiveness and optimize ROIs/ROMIs.



Fields Available



⦿If you seek to build up and keep up with your ideal consumers, the database of Codefam consumers by Daddyleads can be your sole source of it.


⦿The data in this database is curated manually by our data experts via online and offline sources and is verified and validated timely.


⦿The personal details of key role players, directives of companies, businesses, as well as individuals using Codefam include:


• Contact Name

• Postal Address

• Email address

• Contact address

• Job Title

• Social Media Account(if available)


⦿Firmographics includes:


• Company Name

• Company URL

• Sales/Revenue Volume

• Tech Spend

• Employee Count

• Tech stack

• Quantcast

• First Detected

• First Indexed

• Last Indexed

• Revenue

• GDPR, etc.


⦿The above-mentioned fields are only limited. There are more than thirty fields in the actual database. Have a look over the sample provided above if you need brief details of the Daddyleads Codefam consumers database provided by Daddyleads.


⦿Customization of fields based on location, employees, revenue, industry, and many more filters as per requirements is available. All you need to do is send your ICP(Ideal customer profile) via message or email and our data experts will curate a sample accordingly.



Here’s why our data is better



Freshness and Accuracy are at Top priority at Daddyleads which is reflected in our Data. This data is freshly scrapped by experts and software-powered.



our data is freshly scraped regarding the sales prospects and is validated before delivery.



our multi-step human testing powered with the software ensures higher accuracy of Data.



Targeting highly potential customers and providing you the best data that matches your Ideal Customer Profile.



We find every detail regarding your B2B and B2C prospects. Detailed Specifications for Marketing Campaigns are provided.



Our datasets come with potential leads that are converted into valuable consumers. our datasets provide actionable intelligence.



The data is Scrapped step by step by humans which guarantees 99% accuracy.


For any queries feel free to contact us.


Thanks and Regards,

Team Daddyleads




Our data is freshly scraped for your sales prospecting needs.


Our human-reviewed data updation and verification process ensures the highest accuracy.


We give you the best possible data that matches your ICP.

Get a targeted slice of the Daddyleads Codefam Consumers Database for your campaigns.

How do we build this data

We have web scrapers working 24*7 to scrape technology scripts install on websites across the internet to find out tech install data and append emails through our email appending partner

How to customize this data for your needs:

You can request a customized slice of our Codefam Consumers Database by job title, industry, company size, revenue, location, etc.

Data Made Easy

We work hard to ensure the data that you get is 100% accurate, that is why we scrape data on an ongoing basis.


Test our free sample

Download a free dataset based on your sales & marketing campaign needs.


Pay and download

Our data is ready to use within a few hours, our delivery team emails you the data within 2 – 3 working hours.


Share your spec & request a customized slice

Submit your exact specifications for a dataset based on your specific needs if you are not happy with what you see above.

Codefam Consumers Database: FAQs

What is Codefam Consumers Database & Contact List?

The data is pre scraped list of ALL the businesses using this specific technology currently on their server or on-premise. We provide free samples attached above via Google sheets to get a better idea of the quality of the list.

How is the Codefam Consumers Database built & managed?

We have web scraper who scout for these web technologies source code (website to website) day in and day out and builds this list of ALL customers who are using this technology (or who’ve used this in the past).

What is the accuracy guarantee of this Codefam Consumers Database?

The data is provided as in, but rest assured we refresh our data every month, so, the data is NEVER more than a month old. Free sample is attached above for you to get a better understanding of the quality of the list and fields included.

Is there a price break for bulk purchases?
Please contact us via chat to see if you qualify for a bulk purchase discount.

How many customers does Codefam Consumers Database have?

Why DaddyLeads?

There are few of many reasons that companies of all sizes trust DaddyLeads to build databases for their campaigns.

Quality of the data changes campaign outcomes. That is why customer trust Daddyleads.

We have enjoyed our relationship with Bizprospex. They have done a great job in helping us target prospects and delivered 2x times leads as we expected.

Steve King

Founder - Consulting firm in Boston

Helped us out in a tough spot to generate leads for our Salesforce consulting business by giving us Salesforce users across the state of GA with revenue and job title filter. Delivered what we wanted on time and with high accuracy. Thank you Sid.
Sid Choudhary

Intempt Technologies

“Great data & CRM appending partner. I used them twice to append BizSlate data of fashion retailers in NYC.”

Eric Lituchy


“Aftab did exactly what I ask of him. He was able to search for and complete a marketing list of leads for our business. He asked right questions to make sure that he got the exact contacts and correct layout of the entries. I highly recommend him.”

Bank Of America